What is it like to be YOU right now?

We are all experiencing a significant change in 2020 and many found themselves dealing with grief, unable to make sense of their emotions amidst an uncertain future.

If I can be a potential support to you through coaching, please do reach out. I will make myself available.

Don’t let financial constrain be the hindrance here, we will work something out. Just get in touch and feel free to share with anyone you feel could benefit. Thank you, stay healthy and peaceful!

jono certified coach
I am here to guide and support you in identifying your core values and address any misalignments to the health of your body and your mind.
Together we will assess what holds you back, find achievable solutions and take measurable steps in the right direction.
This is an invitation to become who your heart has always known you could be.
Certified Human Potential Coach

“We learn to loosen the grip of our conditioned way of being – our habits, stories, ways of interpreting the world, and customary responses – in order to act consistently with new and more generative commitments”  – Doug Silsbee

personal development coaching

Personal Development Coaching

When was the last time you took time for YOU? What is that inner voice telling you now?

What do YOU like? WHY do you like it? WHAT is stopping you from getting it? 

WHAT are you avoiding? Have you ever really articulated them? 

It is time for some clarity and action. Let’s move forward together.

personal development coaching
holistic health coaching

Holistic Health Coaching

Want to sleep better? Have sustained energy throughout the day?

Maybe you want to lose some weight or find a way to relax? 

Have a chronic health issue that just won’t go away? 

Or maybe you just want to be healthier and feel better? Let me help.


Jesse S. (USA)
Jesse S. (USA)Professional Musician
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Jono is expertly gifted with the ability to hear what you are saying and relay this message back to you in such a way that empowers the change in yourself you are seeking. He has an enormous capacity for compassion, which gave me a deeper sense of trust I needed to be able to open myself to my own truths. This trust allowed me to grow my development by turning towards the issues I needed to face with a much greater confidence. He is adept at being able to fearlessly go deep and I always walk away feeling a more powerful connection to my purpose which feeds my desire to change. Getting to work with Jono has also given me a greater connection in my relationships and a powerful sense of the connection between all humans.
Hayley (the UK)
Hayley (the UK)Model
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Like most models, so much of who I am is defined by the my physical appearance, nobody bothered to take the time know the real me. That is what I found most helpful about having Jono as a coach - I feel SEEN from our very first session together! He helped me realized my true worth and live my values. He was particularly adept at helping me see grander possibilities than I ever saw for myself. Jono walks the talk, his sincerity in helping people is the real deal! I heartily recommend him to anyone!
Olga G. (Poland)
Olga G. (Poland)Mother, Wife, Psychologist
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Jono gave me the opportunity to see things from other perspective. I could feel that I’m truly and deeply listened. Even though my issues (as a woman and a mother of two) seem to be very distant from his experience I could sense that his maturity and wisdom is clearly beyond age or gender. Just want it to say -“Thank you!”.
Adam B. (Australia)
Adam B. (Australia)IT Manager
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Jono is an expert biohacker and extremely knowledgeable in health and nutrition. With his help I was able to sleep through the night consistently. And I feel more focused now all through the day!! He is a master in his art. Thankyou!
R. de Leeuw (the Netherlands)
R. de Leeuw (the Netherlands)E-Commerce & Marketplace Consultant
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From the very first time that I talked to Jono I felt that he was sincerely interested. Combined with the fact that he also truly listens to what you're saying allows him to ask - often seemingly simple - questions that really got me thinking. This is exactly what I believe good coaching is about, as it allows for fundamental change to occur. I have always felt that Jono is very honest and trustworthy, which made it easy to share my thoughts without the need to worry about confidentiality. I would wholeheartedly recommend him as a coach if you're ready to dig deep for answers. Jono will be there every step of the way as a guide and source of wisdom if needed.
Kathy N. (Austria)
Kathy N. (Austria)Sales Manager
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Jono is a talented coach and a patient listener. Empathetic and perceptive; he always seem to be able to distill fragmented information into clear insights and actionable goals. I find myself often thinking about his words, remembering them and acting upon them. I’m very grateful to have worked with him during a challenging period and highly recommend his services to anyone who is looking to transform their life.